Redleg Spiced Rum Review

This is not a sipping rum, it’s a mixing rum perfect for mixers like coke and ginger beer.

On the website there is a range of great tasting cocktails that you can create using this spiced rum (some of which I have already tried and blogged about on this site, see Deadleg and Appleshack cocktails)

Redleg rum is made for the Distil Plc, a group of drink brands including Redleg, Blavod and Jagos Cream Liqueur vodka. It is distilled in the Caribbean and then shipped over to the UK for bottling, so it is a rum designed and blended for a large corporation but looking at the bottle you would think it was a rum hand crafted by a small artisan rum distillery.

That said, this spiced rum is blended and infused with ginger, vanilla and left to rest in oak barrels to mature. Its won numerous awards for being quite frankly very drinkable and having cut my teeth with spiced rum in the Caribbean this rum very much stands out from the crowd.

It’s very aromatic, the vanilla creates for a really smooth taste experience which is perfect with ginger beer and for experimenting when mixing summer drinks. This is definitely a bottle of rum I will keep in the cupboard as a go to spiced rum for hot summer barbeques and summer cocktails. I tried it with Coke and Guinness which was frankly knocked out, but equally great with apple juice and ginger beer. Try it for yourself and enjoy:)



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