When you think of a pina colada it’s difficult not to imagine Del boy sipping on this cocktail from his flat in Peckham with umbrellas and straws sticking out of the glass. Its true that the Pina colada is envisaged as an ‘OTT’ cocktail but when you break down the ingredients of the drink its a natural fit with rum. 

Coconut and pineapple work great with white rum, a personal favourite is mango rum and pineapple juice with ice, another great combination is pineapple rum and coconut water so the blend of coconut and pinapples is a natural fit and moreover is a real Caribbean drink using amazing Caribbean flavours. 

What you need to make a great Pina Colada:- 

  • ICE

The method is as follows, however I had to try this a few times to get it right, but this final way of making it produced the smoothest result. (Also measure all your ingredients to taste as its a personal preference I cant be bothered to measure) 

Chop up some fresh pineapple and blend in a nutribullet or belder about quarter glass. Add two large table spoons of coconut cream and a dash of coconut water and two dashes of pineapple juice. Blend again until smooth. 

In a cocktail shaker add loads of crushed ice, if you dont have a cocktail shaker buy one!..only joking, you can put ice directly into the glass you are serving. Add the blended concoction of pineapple and coconut and shake or stir with a spoon. Add a shot of white rum and a half shot of dark rum, stir or shake well. Hay presto! the cocktail is ready, garnish with a triangle slice of pinapple. (Umbrellas and straws optional)

The cocktail should be a yellowish white in colour, smooth to taste, creamy coconuty with pineapple flavours coming through, plenty of ice is key. The white and dark rum blend gives the cocktail a slight punch, but white rum on its own is sufficient if you want a smoother finish the darker rum reminds you that its alcoholic  (which is good to know otherwise you could drink so many of these before you realise;)

I like the Pina colada because its a real celebration of caribbean flavours, its been given a comedy reputation but when on holiday its rude not to indulge in the odd Pina Colada pool side. Its a guilty pleasure (This time next year rodney, we’ll be miwnionaires;) 

First attempt was not so great it needed blending.

Second attempt using blender gave a much better result, smoother, creamier cocktail (blending recommended)

Its was raining outside the hawaian shirt and the sunglasses didn’t make the cocktail taste any better. (Yes it did;) 


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