Passion Fruit Mojito 

Ok so off the bat the mojito is probably my favourite cocktails of all time! but it was my wife that suggested I tried to make a passion fruit one.  (Because she likes passion fruit ok!) …I have no regrets! 

In fact this turned out to be one of the nicest cocktails I’ve ever had hands down! It takes the already amazing mojito and turbo charges it to incredible heights. 

Here’s what you need:-

  • ICE (LOTS)

Although I try to make my cocktails commando style from what I find in the kitchen having a muddler and cocktail shaker is pretty essential for this cocktail, you could use a rolling pin and maybe a plastic cup or mug for the shaker, but I wish you all the best with that!

Chop up two whole limes and put them into the shaker ( will just assume you have one) pour two heaped table spoons of sugar into the shaker over the limes and muddle until you create a lime syrup. Sugar is an essential part of the mojito but be aware that the passion fruit syrup has lots of sugar so depending on your sweet tooth ( if you have any left after this Lol;) ..adjust to taste:(

Chop up loads of mint (about a hand full) its very wise to place the mint in the hand first and clap it hard with the other hand, this releases the mint aroma (Seems pretentious but works). Add the mint to the lime syrup and again muddle hard until the mint is really mixed and crushed into the lime and sugar concoction. At this stage it should be smelling like a mojoto should, limey and minty.

Crush some ice and add to shaker, add one shot of white rum and one shot of passion fruit syrup and shake well. Pour out into a tall glass and top with soda water ( again I don’t measure I adjust as I go to taste, keep tasting until you love it) 

Garnish with some mint. The passion fruit really takes the drink to a new level, in my opinion the best rum cocktail to date.

Looks great, tastes amazing!..I had to have two of these because I could not believe how awesome the first one was. (Second one was just as awesome;)


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