Welcome to Dan’s rum diary, an exploration and discovery of everything rum related.

As the title suggest’s my name is Dan and while living in the Cayman Islands for three months trying to find work in the finance industry, I ended up spending three months just chilling out on the beach drinking rum cocktails and having a great time.

It was here in the Caribbean that I discovered my fascination and enthusiasm for Rum, its colourful history, unique distillation process, amazing flavours and versatile uses such as in cocktails, cooking and simply enjoying neat.

The aim of this blog is to document and diarize my progress as I explore and discover rum in all its facets. As my knowledge in rum expands over time so will the blog, creating a digital rum diary and reference to this fascinating spirit.

The blog will be categorised into five rum related segments together with random rum related posts that I find interesting.

However to keep some element of structure I have arranged the following categories:-

  1. Home Brew:- Documenting the process of my home rum distillation efforts, trials and tribulations.
  2. Reviews:- Monthly review of a new rum from around the world.
  3. Cocktails:- Weekly cocktail creations, posting recipes, reviewing and rating them.
  4. Food Recipes:- Rum infused food recipes as and when I discover them.
  5. Random Rum:- Any interesting  rum related facts, stories and knowledge I discover along the way.

(As the blog expands I will probably add more categories as I go)

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Cheers & Enjoy:)