Passion Fruit Mojito 

Ok so off the bat the mojito is probably my favourite cocktails of all time! but it was my wife that suggested I tried to make a passion fruit one.  (Because she likes passion fruit ok!) …I have no regrets! 

In fact this turned out to be one of the nicest cocktails I’ve ever had hands down! It takes the already amazing mojito and turbo charges it to incredible heights. 

Here’s what you need:-

  • ICE (LOTS)

Although I try to make my cocktails commando style from what I find in the kitchen having a muddler and cocktail shaker is pretty essential for this cocktail, you could use a rolling pin and maybe a plastic cup or mug for the shaker, but I wish you all the best with that!

Chop up two whole limes and put them into the shaker ( will just assume you have one) pour two heaped table spoons of sugar into the shaker over the limes and muddle until you create a lime syrup. Sugar is an essential part of the mojito but be aware that the passion fruit syrup has lots of sugar so depending on your sweet tooth ( if you have any left after this Lol;) ..adjust to taste:(

Chop up loads of mint (about a hand full) its very wise to place the mint in the hand first and clap it hard with the other hand, this releases the mint aroma (Seems pretentious but works). Add the mint to the lime syrup and again muddle hard until the mint is really mixed and crushed into the lime and sugar concoction. At this stage it should be smelling like a mojoto should, limey and minty.

Crush some ice and add to shaker, add one shot of white rum and one shot of passion fruit syrup and shake well. Pour out into a tall glass and top with soda water ( again I don’t measure I adjust as I go to taste, keep tasting until you love it) 

Garnish with some mint. The passion fruit really takes the drink to a new level, in my opinion the best rum cocktail to date.

Looks great, tastes amazing!..I had to have two of these because I could not believe how awesome the first one was. (Second one was just as awesome;)



When you think of a pina colada it’s difficult not to imagine Del boy sipping on this cocktail from his flat in Peckham with umbrellas and straws sticking out of the glass. Its true that the Pina colada is envisaged as an ‘OTT’ cocktail but when you break down the ingredients of the drink its a natural fit with rum. 

Coconut and pineapple work great with white rum, a personal favourite is mango rum and pineapple juice with ice, another great combination is pineapple rum and coconut water so the blend of coconut and pinapples is a natural fit and moreover is a real Caribbean drink using amazing Caribbean flavours. 

What you need to make a great Pina Colada:- 

  • ICE

The method is as follows, however I had to try this a few times to get it right, but this final way of making it produced the smoothest result. (Also measure all your ingredients to taste as its a personal preference I cant be bothered to measure) 

Chop up some fresh pineapple and blend in a nutribullet or belder about quarter glass. Add two large table spoons of coconut cream and a dash of coconut water and two dashes of pineapple juice. Blend again until smooth. 

In a cocktail shaker add loads of crushed ice, if you dont have a cocktail shaker buy one!..only joking, you can put ice directly into the glass you are serving. Add the blended concoction of pineapple and coconut and shake or stir with a spoon. Add a shot of white rum and a half shot of dark rum, stir or shake well. Hay presto! the cocktail is ready, garnish with a triangle slice of pinapple. (Umbrellas and straws optional)

The cocktail should be a yellowish white in colour, smooth to taste, creamy coconuty with pineapple flavours coming through, plenty of ice is key. The white and dark rum blend gives the cocktail a slight punch, but white rum on its own is sufficient if you want a smoother finish the darker rum reminds you that its alcoholic  (which is good to know otherwise you could drink so many of these before you realise;)

I like the Pina colada because its a real celebration of caribbean flavours, its been given a comedy reputation but when on holiday its rude not to indulge in the odd Pina Colada pool side. Its a guilty pleasure (This time next year rodney, we’ll be miwnionaires;) 

First attempt was not so great it needed blending.

Second attempt using blender gave a much better result, smoother, creamier cocktail (blending recommended)

Its was raining outside the hawaian shirt and the sunglasses didn’t make the cocktail taste any better. (Yes it did;) 

Redleg Spiced Rum Review

This is not a sipping rum, it’s a mixing rum perfect for mixers like coke and ginger beer.

On the website there is a range of great tasting cocktails that you can create using this spiced rum (some of which I have already tried and blogged about on this site, see Deadleg and Appleshack cocktails)

Redleg rum is made for the Distil Plc, a group of drink brands including Redleg, Blavod and Jagos Cream Liqueur vodka. It is distilled in the Caribbean and then shipped over to the UK for bottling, so it is a rum designed and blended for a large corporation but looking at the bottle you would think it was a rum hand crafted by a small artisan rum distillery.

That said, this spiced rum is blended and infused with ginger, vanilla and left to rest in oak barrels to mature. Its won numerous awards for being quite frankly very drinkable and having cut my teeth with spiced rum in the Caribbean this rum very much stands out from the crowd.

It’s very aromatic, the vanilla creates for a really smooth taste experience which is perfect with ginger beer and for experimenting when mixing summer drinks. This is definitely a bottle of rum I will keep in the cupboard as a go to spiced rum for hot summer barbeques and summer cocktails. I tried it with Coke and Guinness which was frankly knocked out, but equally great with apple juice and ginger beer. Try it for yourself and enjoy:)


Black Leg Spiced Rum Cocktail.

Again taken or (copied) from the Redleg Rum website, I don’t think its wrong (im using Redleg rum for the cocktail so I probably wont get sued……I hope:)

This one really appealed to me because I’m a big Guinness Fan. It works really well as Redleg has flavours of vanilla which are smooth and really compliment the smooth stout taste of Guinness. We are only using a tiny amount of Guinness here so if you don’t like Guinness it’s not overpowering, it just lends to a smother refreshing cocktail.

1./ We start with a new york background to set the scene. (covering plug sockets in the kitchen) all the players are present…Coke (check)… Guinness (check)… Redleg (check) Lime (check)… Ice (Check)…. Lantern (check)


2./ Add the Redleg to the glass (fill with ice)

3./ Add coke to near the top of the glass (leaving room for a shot of Guinness)

4./ Add shot of Guinness and add sliced lime. Stir very slowly to keep the Guinness head but mixing all the elements together.

The Drink look great with the Guinness Head, its smooth to drink with a strong Vanilla sweetness. The lime and the ginger notes come through to keep it refreshing and the coke gives it a treacle finish.  Also it actually looks like a pint of Guinness in cocktail form which is awesome.



  • Redleg Spiced Rum
  • Coke
  • Guinness
  • Slice of Lime
  • Ice


Apple Shack Spiced Rum Cocktail

Ok, well as this is my very first post I wanted to start with a cocktail as this is what first got me into rum while chilling on a beach in Grand Cayman.

I don’t think its a coincidence that ‘Rum’ rhymes with ‘fun’ so lets start this journey at the beginning with a bit of a fun and an easy to make cocktail which is even easier to drink.

Iv naturally chosen a spiced rum to start proceeding, largely in part due to the growing popularity of spiced rums in the UK such as Captain Morgan, Kraken and Sailor Jerry’s. Spiced rum was the variety that first peaked my interest as they have a very large appeal due to the sweet nature of the spirit which is great served with mixers.

Iv chosen Redleg spiced Rum for this cocktail (which I will be reviewing in the next couple of days) lots of ginger, vanilla and spiced goodness.

As I embark on my journey of Rum exploration I envisage my reviews getting more technical but to start with I will simply be honest and base reviews on personal preferences as opposed to anything else.

This cocktail was taken from the redleg website which I tweaked slightly as I could not get hold of cinnamon syrup, but in my opinion turned out great without it, so very happy with the final result.

If you like summer fruit cocktails this is a real winner.

1./ Start by crushing up some ice into cool jam jar cocktail cups (bought these in wilko for £2.99 or something like that!)…. Jam jars are the latest hipster drinking vessel and no self respecting rum drinker should be seen without one!


2./ Add a shot of Redleg spiced rum and fill half way up the cup with cloudy apple juice. I used Coppella Cloudy apple, (which is delicious on its own) and you can find in Tesco.


3./ Fill the jars to the top with Old Jamaica ginger beer (non-alcoholic) again you can find this in Tesco. Slice a lime and add a cinnamon stick. Stir with a spoon to infuse the flavours. Don’t forget to add retro straw for that all important retro hipster look.


4./ Arrange drink in a stylish fashion (see below) and be prepared for a taste sensation!


5./ These are very morish, great for on a hot day…. or at any time really!



  • Redleg Rum (or any good spiced rum) but redleg has great vanilla taste which seems to really come through on the cocktail.
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
  • Cloudy apple Juice ( I used Coppella)
  • Slice of Lime
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Ice
  • Cool hipster jam jars (not Mandatory)
  • Day off (you will not want to do anything after these, apart from chilling)